b4b s2 e24: Jeff Rubin and The End of Growth

In interviews, radio show, reviews on October 11, 2012 at 8:54 am

“My message to environmentalists is: triple-digit oil prices, and the market process that results in those prices, is our friend, not our enemy.”

-Jeff Rubin

The End of Growth

This week’s show features an interview by Jan Andrea Hall (of Royal City Rag) with Jeff Rubin, former chief economist of CIBC, “regarded as one of the world’s most sought-after energy experts.” Rubin will be appearing in Guelph in The End of Growth tour, head-to-head with ecologist David Suzuki, next Tuesday (October 16th), 7pm at the Lakeside Hope House (formerly Norfolk United Church).

Dan read some special ones. Check ’em out:

Rae Spoon: First Spring Grass Fire (Arsenal Pulp Press). Rae is a musician and is branching out to master new art forms with their first book: linked stories about growing up queer, searching for acceptance, discovering music. Peter and Dan spoke with Rae recently; look out for the interview in upcoming weeks. Here’s the book trailer.

Steven Marche: Love and the Mess We’re In (Gaspereau Press, Nova Scotia).

Chris Ware: Building Stories (Pantheon): A box of documents, drawings, illustrations, exploration about books, buildings and tangibility in the world.


These are all going to be awesome:

October 16th, 7pm: Jeff Rubin and David Suzuki will go head to head in The End of Growth tour at the Lakeside Hope House (formerly Norfolk United Church).

October 17th, 11:30 am: Christopher Dewdney, the U of G’s current writer-in-residence, will read at the The Trans-Canada Institute.

October 23rd, 7 pm: William Whitehead (Timothy Findley’s long-time partner) will present his memoir, Words to Live By, on, 7pm at The Bookshelf.

October 19-25: Fru-Fest 2012! Celebrate our amazing community/campus radio station with lots of live music.


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