b4b s2 e19: Clare Hitchens & Mariko Tamaki

In radio show on September 6, 2012 at 11:45 am

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b4b s2 e19: Clare Hitchens & Mariko Tamaki

Clare Hitchens
Working as the publicist for Wilfrid Laurier University Press has honed her media talents; years of churning through thoughtful reviews and summaries for Goodreads has sharpened her critical eye, and added to her reputation as an A-Class book-ingester; parenting a voracious reader has kept her in tune with young book worms; all this to say, Clare Hitchens, Super-Reader, is perfect in the role of programming coordinator for the Young Adult stuff on Sun Sept 16th.

Mariko Tamaki
Scooter Activist. Stand-up Comedienne. Living Gallery for Cool Tattoos. Smart, appropriately sarcastic and really nice person. (No, Really Nice.) Author and performance artist. Comics creator. Mariko for Class Prez, please. Please tell me you have looked at Skim, the book she co-created with her cousin, Jillian Tamaki? (Puh-lease tell me that, or please go look). Have you buried yourself in the shy, suburban coming-of-art story Emiko Superstar (co-created with Steve Ralston for DC’s fantastic imprint for female readers, MINX books)?

Proof, both, of her sense of humour and sense of fun, and all of that she has now stuffed into the character of Allison Lee, college-ingenue, budding lesbian, accident-prone and fire-cursed person who is pulled into the vortex of a dangerous friendship/loveship in the wonderful new YA novel, (You) Set Me on Fire. A novel about “school, about fire, and about love…” and about, oh, a tonne more. This book is about one week old and it is already garnering great reviews. Shannon Ozirny, a reviewer at Quill & Quire, says “…this book could easily spawn its own Tumblr quote site.” A total pleasure to talk with Mariko today.

Music We Played
Mary Margaret O’Hara-My Friends Have
Pere Ubu-Books on the Table
Ben Grossman-Untitled 6(squared)
Dirty Projectors-See What Shes Seeing

  1. Ooh ooh! You are lightning fast. And all cute. And I am excited to listen to this show! Even just from looking at the music list at the bottom (considering I caught Ben Grossman at the GJF Colloquium today, but am missing his mainstage at this moment. And missed MM O’Hara last night. So thank you, yay).

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