b4b s2 e18: Eden Mills Festival Hodge Podge

In book club, radio show on August 30, 2012 at 11:44 am

“I think I’ve always had an oppositional personality when it comes to prescriptive media”
Inaugural Schmulitzer Prize Recipient, Peter Bradley

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Eden Mills Soft Launch (b4b – s2.e18)

Summer’s Summaries
A Monday night book launch for The Western Light (with accompanying a capella) steered expertly by Susan Swan’s Sexual Gothic troupe; and a Wednesday night premiere screening of Northwords (with live appearances by Director Geoff Morrison and authors Noah Richler and Alissa York)… I catch a whiff of the Eden Mills Writers Festival, and the waning of sweet summer, do you smell it?

We read from Lorna Crozier’s new collection of prose poems, The Book of Marvels: a compendium of everyday things (Dan: “Shakers”; Peter: “Vacuum”); we frolicked through the idea of Paul Auster’s new family memoir, “Winter Journal”; and holy guacamole is it ever a rich season of releases in Your Local Independent Bookstore: Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton, Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth, Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue, for example. (!)

Music We Played
Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan – About To Die
Matthew E White – Big Inner – Big Love
Liminanas – Crystal Anis – Longanisse
Staff Benda Bilili – Bouger Le Monde! – Bilang


    Ooh! Re his existence in the bat cave: I actually know this! Alexi Zentner was on B4B last fall, November 17th. This was one of the shows I found while stumbling around the show’s back pages this spring. Totally listen to it, here:

    Alexi and Me: Last fall I did that thing where I had a backlog of podcasts and just put something on at random, and it was this Zentner dude. I had never heard of him, and was delighted to hear in the course of the talk that he is from right around here! though it took his reading at the Tattered Cover in Colorado for me to hear of him. I really enjoyed what he had to say about writing the book – and it’s quite different from your interview. He also reads a section.

    When White Teeth came out, I realized my obligation to hate her on account of her being gorgeous, successful, younger than me (born in the same year) and a Londoner. But sometimes I do cheat and read her stuff. And she is coming to Harbourfront with her new book! Like NEXT WEEK: Tuesday, September 25, 7:30pm. Which was actually much further in the future when I first meant to post this helpful comment.

    Whether or not the book does the trick, the man himself (whose name sounds like “Owen” when he says it) is pretty charming and funny. He spoke at the Tattered Cover for And Another Thing, didn’t read from the book but talked very compellingly about the huge influence Douglas Adams had on his life, what it was like to be chosen by Adams’ wife and daughter (who I assume to be Artemis Fowl fans) and the process of trying to work with Adams’ material and create the 6th book in the H2G2 trilogy. You can hear it here:

    Is going to be at the IFOA! A reading/interview ith Michael Chabon on Friday, October 19th (not a shabby alternative to Alice Munro the same night) and another reading with some other people – including Anakana Schofield, who has been interviewed and loved on this show! – the following day at noon. I must say, he’s looking pretty sharp. Maybe winning the Pulitzer agreed with him.

    Also, you can hear Diaz read his own story, “How to Date a…Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)” on the New Yorker Fiction podcast, introduced by Edwige Danticat. It’s super cute. It’s also on youtube, sans Danticat, but avec a plethora of other stuff in the side links, of course.

    You can listen to her read from Tiny Beautiful Things on KQED’s The Writer’s Block. The title piece made me cry.

    I loved that you read poems on this show. Lorna Crozier is a long-time love of mine (though I love some of her stuff more and some less). My old roommate Heather learned about Crozier when I was away in London in ’96, and sent me the Sex Lives of Vegetables poem series in a letter, which I taped to my wall as a token of Canada. Did you ever come to our house on Surrey Street, Dan? Heather and I had poems all over our walls, some printed and some copied by hand, and they were mostly those of Lorna Crozier, Leonard Cohen, Earle Birney and Al Purdy. Whom we went to see when he read in the first-floor UC conference room – was that the event you mentioned? It was pretty damn cool.

    I was sad to miss Crozier at that Bookshelf reading event a couple years ago. But I have seen her at EMWF, I think. Patrick Lane anyway for sure. And hey, here they are on CBC:

    (I believe Patrick DeWitt also appears in this podcast. I know he’s in the bat cave too but dang it, that is one link I don’t have my finger on at this moment.)

    Also IFOAing it: Oct 27 at 5pm. I just read a pretty bad review of his book. Please read it so you can settle this.

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