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Matthew Stadler (b4b – s2.e7)

In radio show on June 7, 2012 at 5:07 pm

“I’m a writer, and that’s all I’ve really cared about for most of my life, is writing, and what happens to it.”
Matthew Stadler

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Matthew Stadler (b4b – s2.e7)

June 7th:
Peter is bleary because it’s another Cassettestival week (series #2). This is a periodical publication that sees bedroom recordings issued as hand-designed cassettes. A highlight of this event will be the release of a compilation of local female musicians.

Jon B joins us for a game of Stump The Literary Canon. Listen to find out the rules of this wild new party game.

Feature: Matthew Stadler
Boy is this guy inspiring. With poverty and passion as his drivers, and Patricia No as a co-editor/co-publisher, Matthew Stadler found a way to make gorgeous, minimal, handbound, print-on-demand books in a loaned storefront in Portland, Oregon. Publication Studio further expresses Matthew’s ideas about the public that can and will form around the publication of a text. We talk with Matthew about selling books one at a time, selling books at dinner parties, special events planning, writing from the margins, and the speaker’s circuit for a guy who is on the vanguard of print-on-demand production. He also presents us with a recent Publication Studio Bordeaux release, Revolution: A Reader.

Also, for those in need, we coin a term: “Booksick” is when you call in sick to work because you are compelled to finish the book you’re reading.

Next Week:
Books: something you might want to read. Music: Peter Bradley’s personal shortlist of what should make the Polaris Prize shortlist but probably won’t.

Things we talked about:
Cassettestival #2


Marc Bell & Amy Lockhart (b4b – s2.e6)

In radio show on June 7, 2012 at 3:58 pm

“It was easier to do animation on film than video, way back in the 90s”
Amy Lockhart

“Comics are essentially diagrams, if you break it down.”
Marc Bell

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Mark Bell; Amy Lockhart (b4b – s2.e6)

June 1st:
A live author visit to a bookstore that doesn’t involve a formal reading!? Kristel Thornell came to the Bookshelf for the Fourth Fridays art crawl, just to say hello to potential readers and show off her new novel, Night Street. Browsers had a sniff. And then there’s Matthew Stadler, a prophet of literature who talks about “Publication” as the creation of a public around a work of art. He’s in Ontario next week to deliver the Cafka/Musagetes BIG IDEAS lecture. And the night after, he hosts a literary dinner.

Feature: Marc Bell & Amy Lockhart
Hey, Amy Lockhart, tell us about your iconography: “Ladies in profile, usually their tongues hanging out, big foreheads, big necks and sort of creepy-cute is how it gets described. And ink line drawings (I used to do more corss-hatching) and also acrylic painting that is somewhere between flat and bad-illusionistic rendering. Weird muscle-y men. Lots of ladies.”

Amy is an illustrator and an animator. She can talk about razzle-dazzleless film making, but also film fundamentals. “All you need to make a good film,” she was told at school, “is a good idea.”

Amy’s current animation features a hinged-paper puppet character, Dizzler (based on the character The Dazzler), who is a pop-star returning home to give a ‘thankyou’ concert.

Marc Bell is a veteran cartoonist, but he spends more time these days on his capital”A” Art — busy, formally designed, diagrammatic drawings, inspired as much by micro-biology as by theme park maps. His work changed around 2000 when he shifted away from comic strips with casts of familiar characters, and added more density and finer mark-making to his drawings. “My art wouldn’t exist as it is without comics,” he says. “Comics is traditionally about giving people a bang for their buck.”

We also talk about what it’s like to live as two working artists in one small apartment.

Next Week:
Matthew Stadler and his Portland, Oregon based Print on Demand operation Publication Studio. A promise to inspire…

Things we talked about:
Amy Lockhart’s 2009 Dirty Dishes was edited by and uncredited Marc Bell

Marc Bell’s 2009 Hot Potatoe is a gorgeous monograph & his 2011 Pure Pyjamas is a collection of early work

Horror Vacui

Couples Therapy for partnered artists