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On this episode of Books For Breakfast, we prepared for another predicted apocalypse, this time arriving in the form of Rapture. We asked some people about what books they'd take with them on a trip down Rapture Lane, and talked about some favourite apocalyptic books.

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The Music
Fanfare Pourpour – Willi Grosse Baleine
The Ex – Cold Weather Is Back
Chad VanGaalen – Peace on the Rise
Zion Travellers – Packing Up
Sleater Kinney – Banned From The End of the World
Elvis Costello – Waiting for the End of the World
The Sojourners – Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb
Preacher & The Saints – Jesus Rhapsody Pt 1
Sister Mary M Nelson – Judgement
Medeski Martin & Wood – End of the World Party
Rev Lonnie Farris – Golden Street



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Today on the show we announced the winner of our First Lines contest (Peter Demakos!), and read from the top 5 submissions with the help of special guest host Judge Roberts. Judge (Michael) Roberts also reviewed the book 1989: Bob Dylan Didn't Have This To Sing About, Dan spoke about David Adams Richards' Incidents In The Life Of Markus Paul, and Kelly talked about the new Elizabeth Hay book Alone In The Classroom. Dan talked about the devoted young readers that he found at his fun trip to the OLA Forest of Reading awards, and Peter spent the show trying to throw people off topic (and also brought in a bookmobile testimonial; more next week!). The show also featured Miriam Toews reading the first chapter of her new book, Irma Voth! Enjoy.

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The Music:
Andrew Vincent & The Pirates – Bahamas
Greenfield Main – Matilda
Cass McCombs – Buried Alive
Nick Hornby & Ben Folds – Doc Pomus
One Hundred Dollars – Where The Sparrows Drop
Chad Vangaalen – Wandering Spirits
Echocentrics – Crescent Sun
Matana Roberts – Kersalia
Cave – Gamm

Current Contest: First Lines!

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We just wrapped up our first lines contest, in which we asked our listeners to hatch a great first line to a story. We ended up some great submissions, including these five short-listed first lines. We think Paul Auster is pretty good at first lines, so we gave three Paul Auster books away to our winner!

The winning submission, courtesy of Peter Demakos:

“Maureen stared blankly at the clock and thought to herself “Now!” and without hesitation she hurled her brothers’ bones into the sun. ”

And the four runner-ups:

Drew Robinson: “Tick (this is never going to work), tock (they’ll figure it out before too long).”

Bry Webb: “It’s stuck.”

Tim Patterson: “As they did every December 20th or so, Rebecca and Jon drove the last few minutes to the airport in silence, the privacy of their thoughts signaling the beginning of a temporary and precarious truce, a Christmastime armistice, that when successful, was as comforting to each of them as woolen knitwear, like toques, mittens, or scarves
crafted with contrasting threads of resignation and resilient hope, red and green, the almost tangible expression of fourteen festive seasons of mutual support and empathy and an equal number of trips to pick up his parents or her brother at the airport or a train station.”

Tim Patterson (again!): “Standing dutifully amid the group of reporters, microphones crowded around him, the Sheriff, a tall man, still young but with a drawn face and bags beneath his eyes, shifted his weight from one foot to the
other as he explained what the department knew and, more importantly, what they didn’t.”

Keep an eye and ear out for our next contest!


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Today's Kelly-less show featured an interview with Miriam Toews, a review of the Selected Works of T.S Spivet, promises to read more short stories, and a chat about the history of the bookmobile with one of the drivers. Take a listen!

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The Music:
Fanfare Pourpour – Sujet a Changement
El Rego – E Nan Mian Nuku
Echocentrics – Down Under
Cass McCombs – Pleasant Shadow Song
Burning Hell – Stroke of Genius
Greenfield Main – I’ll Take A Chance
Jennifer Castle – Misguided
Andrew Vincent and the Pirates – Straight Outta Hoboken
Noah23 – Nuts


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The List:
Eric Martin and Stephen Elliot’s Donald
the ups and downs of the infamous McSweeney’s box
Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys
Norton Juster’s the Phantom Tollbooth
“Dystopia Reading”
Fiona Smyth’s the Never Weres
the non-fiction imprint: Signal (feat. Atwood, Hitchens, and Stein)
the Donner Prize for books on public policy
Doug Saunders’ A Rival City (winner of the Donner Prize)
Margaret Atwood’s the Tent
Howe Gelb / Giant Sand
William Saroyan’s Our Friends the Mice
Miriam Toews’ Irma Voth
Stop Smiling – once magazine, now press
Listen to the Echoes and How to Wreck a Nice Beach

The Music:
Irma Thomas – I Gave You Everything
Bob Moore and the Temps – Braggin’
Howe Gelb – Worried Spirits
Giant Sand – Ride The Rail
Cass McCombs – Hermit’s Cave
Antoine Berthiaume – Solstice et Reglisse…
Jennifer Castle – Poor As Him
Fanfare Pourpour – Le Rompie
Howe Gelb & Band of Gypsies – The Ballad of Lole y Manuel
Jennifer Castle – Neverride


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On this hodgepodge episode of Books For Breakfast, we stepped on to the bookmobile at St Joseph's Health Center to talk to the driver and some patrons, considered what David Byrne was talking about in his book Arboretum (where he suggests the name of a future music genre: Hard Cheeze), and talk about some recent awards. Oh, and we also bring up our first lines contest. Enjoy!

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What We Heard:
Fanfare Pourpour – Willi Grosse Baleine
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Born on a Day The Sun Didn’t Rise
Ocote Soul Sounds – Vendedo Saude E Fe
Jennifer Castle – Remembering
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Can’t Hear My Eyes
Doug Paisley – No One But You
No Gold – Miami
Fanfare Pourpour – Un Souvenir